Indoor Nights

Due to persistent fog climbing outdoors turned out to be quite challenging during the last weeks. We spent a few days in the valley of the Malta, had a great session in Radenthein but that was it. I found myself more and more sitting in dusty basements pulling on artificial holds in-between long breaks. Climbing on plastic isn’t what I am looking for, although it can be fulfilling when you climb with the right people.

Doing something based on an inner desire for the pleasure that it brings to you, the goal to gain the next level of athletic performance and to push personal limits are key elements to conquer my weaker self. To me staying motivated throughout many years of climbing means to enjoy every aspect of it. Topping out a hard problem or clipping the anchor of a long standing project is just a tiny part of the process. Transforming failure to a source of energy might be a much bigger piece of it.

When we enter the basement, we also enter a subculture I really don’t want to miss. Discussing sequences and finger positions, figuring out new solutions to self-made problems and cheering at each other before falling off seem to be the most natural things down there.

I know the weather will get better eventually, but it is comforting that the basement will always be there, waiting for us and our weaknesses.







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