Squeezing into a dripping wetsuit may not be the most desirable thing to do. But when the water is cold, the sun is gone and the wind is picking up it is nice to cover yourself under a few millimeters of rubber. You can still feel the sand under your feet, booties on or off.

When you picture the above you might see yourself on a beach, gazing out to the horizon and scanning the almost empty line up.

Living in Austria creates another reality. In my case I am happy to see the small and never constant wave down at the river. When it is on we go there, jump in and enjoy the seconds of intense movement.

I spent the last three evenings at this small river. Observing the running water can be hypnotizing. But as soon as you pop up you are back in the moment.

Here at Munich airport not much is reminding me of the cold water. The wetsuit in my back bag is waiting. And so do I for my flight.

I am off.

stefankoechel 3-1

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