Oh yes! We spent a great day at Felbertauern (Tal des Wassers) among a bunch of highly motivated climbers who tried hard on their projects. More than 20 crashpads blurred the line between indoor and outdoor climbing and with the wrong problem on your list you had to wait in line.

Having said that I rarely have witnessed a friendlier vibe around an overcrowded boulder. Beta was exchanged, problems were ticked and smiling faces proved that rock climbing can be fun despite not ideal conditions.

Roli Sint exceeded his expectations by doing Twisted Moonlight in a few tries and flashing Lovebox. Karoline Sinnhuber worked on Libre Original and Martin Sobotka cruised through Afterlife Soft making it look like a warm-up. Surrounded by inspiring climbers it was no tragedy that I couldn’t climb because of a bad finger. But it goes without saying I am really looking forward to climbing on rock again!







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