The best boulder problem in the world?


Jakob Schubert Bügeleisen Sit 8C

“You have time to think although you shouldn’t maybe”


The Anatomy of Bouldering Part 3

“Your only opponent is your own expectation”


The Anatomy of Bouldering Part 2

“It’s all about conditions”


The Anatomy of Bouldering Part 1

“Bouldering means taking falls”


Projekt Kugy

“If we want to do it, now is the time!”


Shifting Focus

“Why climbing? – Sometimes I don’t know.”


The Power of Goodbye

“Nevertheless bouldering is more about the process than anything else.”


Bügeleisen – The Story of the Sit Start 8C/+

This journey marks a milestone!


Videotopo Radenthein

This is the attempt to combine a traditional climbing topo with a bouldering video. It should give you all the crucial information about one of my favorite places to climb including location, difficulty, rock quality etc. The idea was born on a climbing trip in Swizzerland when we were watching our daily doses before heading out in the forest. The lack of information in the videos got me thinking…